Sacramento Stand Down has served as an advocate and resource for our homeless Veterans in the Sacramento region for the last 26 years.  Our organization is staffed primarily by Veteran volunteers, their family members, and community supporters.  Our first hand experience and veteran servicing veteran approach, gives Sacramento Stand Down a unique understanding of the issues that our region’s homeless Veterans face. 


Through Sacramento Stand Down and over a span of two decades, volunteers from the Sacramento area have mobilized to serve thousands of homeless and at-risk veterans and their dependents. Sacramento Stand Down has served more than 54,000 hot meals at our Stand Down events as well as provided our Veterans with haircuts, access to showers, new shoes, sleeping bags, and new or slightly used clothing.  Medical services are also available through the Veterans Administration medical staff as well as dental & vision services, and a wide variety of counseling services.

Thousands of veterans have received duplicate copies of their discharge papers, military identification cards, drivers’ licenses, and connected with many federal agencies who are onsite during our Stand Downs, such as the Veterans Administration, Social Security Administration, Department of Labor, Employment Development Department, and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Among the most unique and impactful services provided is that thousands of veterans get access to onsite court system and services In exchange for community service assignments performed during Stand Down, veterans can have their misdemeanor warrants adjudicated by a judge (for example, light rail pass violations) which allows their records to be cleared and render the veterans more employable.


Recognizing that we cannot end the Veteran homelessness problem on our own, Sacramento Stand Down has partnered with local resource agencies, faith-based organizations, and social service providers to provide the homeless Veterans of our region with an array of services.   These organizations share our  mission of helping our veterans get the hand up that they desperately need to get back on their feet.  In addition to our Stand Down events our Veterans are provided support through the following services:


  • Stand Downs

    • The term "Stand Down" is used when exhausted combat troops are removed from the field of battle and taken to a safe place to relax and receive a break from the difficulties and harshness of battle. At these Stand Downs and similarly ours, Veterans can find hot meals, showers, medical care, and supportive services.  Sacramento Stand Down provides a three day reprieve from the hardships of life on the streets and provide a safe and secure place to relax and obtain the basic necessities while enjoying the camaraderie of other veterans and the welcoming arms of volunteers and service providers to help them begin their journey out of homelessness.  

  • Helping Hands

    • ​Managing life’s expenses and getting back on your feet is sometimes met with unexpected financial emergencies.  Our Helping Hands program has been designed to be a supportive service that addresses these emergency situations.  Veterans and their families can apply for one-time financial support of up to five hundred dollars to be used to provide the emergency support they need.  Funds are often used to avoid situations in which lead Veterans to lose their housing or to provide access to temporary shelter while more permanent housing becomes available.  These funds can even be used to prevent or restore utility shut off, minor house repairs, grocery purchases, and or other emergency needs.  

  • Stand Down's Resource Office

    • Our team of volunteers staff our office located at McClellan Park.  This office is staffed with volunteers who know first-hand the issues that face our Veterans.  Our volunteers connect and help Veterans navigate through the resources that are available to them from our relationships within the services community.  Veterans have access and are connected to legal, medical, emergency housing, and PTSD services. 

Sacramento Stand Down Association

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